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 AvA Rewards

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PostSubject: AvA Rewards   Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:28 pm

What are the rewards for winning Alliance vs. Alliance combat?
Rewards are given to all participating members of the winning Alliance. The actual rewards given depends on the phase, and the rewards will change per phase. Only the participating members in an Alliance will receive rewards, but all participating members in the Alliance will receive the same rewards.

Rewards are broken down into several different tiers. The tiers are:

First - Fifth Place (most total victory points)
Diplomatic Victory (most victory points earned by friendly Alliances).
Egalitarian Regime (highest average victory points per participating member)
Relentless (highest average number og hostile AvA attacks per member)
Peacemaker (highest average beneficial AvA attacks per participating member)
Iron Bank (highest total of silver taken from other camps, combined with the total silver added to your camps)
Participant Reward (every AvA participant receives these rewards)

Each Alliance may only win one reward, with the priority being First Place, then moving down the other rewards.
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AvA Rewards
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