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 Alliance Challenges

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PostSubject: Alliance Challenges   Sat Jan 18, 2014 1:51 am

If you wish your contributions to be calculated among the contributions, it is your responsibility to list them in the appropriate post on the forum

When the top three spots are announced, this will be done in the Message of the Day on the opening screen of the Alliance.

All non top placed members may hit the challenge 1 time (1 Attack/Barter/Intrigue click = 1 Hit) .This registers your entry so you will be rewarded with the prize for entering.  Once the challenge is down to 24 hours AND the top placings are established and correct the Challenge can be hit at will.  However...  Members must ensure that they will not bump a place getter form their position.

In the past members have continually hit a challenge when asked not to.  This is upsetting to other members.  From now on, members will be given one warning, if this is not adhered to, they will be removed from the Alliance.  Please be a 'ACTIVE' and 'FAIR' Alliance Member.
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Alliance Challenges
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