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 Accumulating Silver - In early stage of the game

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PostSubject: Accumulating Silver - In early stage of the game   Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:06 am

(1) - Early Stages of your GoTA character - If you are reincarnating, get your friends/Alliance members to barter with you. This will also assist your friends as they will also gain silver. For Alliance members to Barter you, you will have to make them a friend. All your friend/Alliance member needs to do is open your profile and use Player to Player option.

(2) - When you have the R'hllor Temple & the Alchemists' Guild open and have upgraded them to build either "Flickering Fire and/or Wildfire" you will undoubtedly start collecting the 'Black Ash' as well. With some stone and pure water you can make the 'Sparkling Jewels'. These can be sold for 1500 silver
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PostSubject: Re: Accumulating Silver - In early stage of the game   Sun May 25, 2014 11:55 pm

If you reincarnate do the "Death Barter" exploit, which basically involves sending out all your SS on barter actions prior to drinking the reincarnation potion. Once you reincarnate afterwards you will have to wait for the timer on those SS to finish, hence have 0 command points until they complete (assuming those SS were made permanent, if not then you will have your default 2 CP), but you will receive the silver in the next life. Don forget to have over the ptp protected limit (800 default i think) of silver on hand to reap the benefits.
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Accumulating Silver - In early stage of the game
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